NEO, IOTA and Bitcoin Cash
Available on NAGA Trader

NAGA Protector

Limit your risk and secure your profits automatically

NAGA Protector helps you manage your risk. Enable the protector and enjoy a safe NAGA TRADER trading experience.
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The safety net designed to protect your money!
A safe way to start trading for beginners
Secure trading on volatile markets
Constant monitoring during market hours
Effective protection of high losses
Sounds great, right? See how it works:
  1. Choose the symbol you want to trade
    You can use the Protector for any symbol.
  2. Activate the NAGA Protector
    You can enable it on the trading screen.
  3. Set a secure profit and risk limit
    How much are you willing to risk and hoping to win?
  4. We monitor the trade for you
    We close your trade automatically once one of the limits has been reached.
Protect Your Trades Find Out More