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Introducing CYBO:
Our new Robo Advisor

CYBO is a self-learning algorithm

CYBO manages your portfolio 24 hours a day

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How CYBO works?
Developed By Experts
Take advantange of NAGA TRADER's innovative investment approach. CYBO's technology enables continuous risk monitoring and dynamically allocates the best trades to your portfolio
Dynamic Risk Management
Modern capital markets research has shown that risks can be much more reliably predicted. CYBO always controls your risks based on your own preferences.
Technology Instead of Emotional Trading
Computers outperform human traders in many ways: CYBO never misses a trade and makes no mistakes.
Global Diversification
CYBO offers you the best market & investment opportunities based on the top NAGA TRADER traders worldwide.
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Create your CYBO
Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss.
Your Questions About CYBO Answered:
What is special about CYBO?
You create and customise CYBO by indicating your personal trading preferences. CYBO does all of the work for you and makes trading easier by only copying the best trades on NAGA TRADER. You can trade with CYBO on your mobile device, desktop, or tablet from anywhere in the world.
How does CYBO trade?
In some areas where problems are complex and decisions may be affected by human emotions or cognitive biases, computers often make better decisions than people. With this in mind, our robo-advisor CYBO uses computer algorithms to help you manage your risk preferences, diversification, and other associated issues involved in meeting your investment goals. CYBO monitors multiple financial and technical indicators like market volatility, market trends, price action, upcoming news, and economic events.
Who is CYBO for?
CYBO is well suited for all types of traders; from those who are just starting out through to more experienced traders.
How secure is it to invest with CYBO?
CYBO is always under your control. You decide when you start, pause, or completely disable CYBO. Moreover, you set your own trading preferences, meaning that we provide you with a fully customised CYBO that satisfies your personal financial requirements.
Will my CYBO portfolio be customised to my specific preferences?
CYBO is 100% based on your personal needs. You customise CYBO according to your own risk and investment preferences in 3 easy steps.
How much digital knowledge do I need to create my personal CYBO?
The NAGA TRADER mobile and desktop app is accessible, user-friendly, and intuitive. If you are comfortable navigating a website, you will be fine trading with our digital investment manager CYBO.
Is there still help available if I need it?
Our customer support team is always happy to help you. Click here to chat with us live or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.
Backtesting Results
Minimum investment is $1000
This chart indicates profits from the past and is no guarantee of future profits. With the creation of your CYBO, you agree to the NAGA TRADER CYBO Terms and Conditions.
Please type in your desired investment amount:
If you had invested 6 months ago, you would have earned Net Profit. That is a return of 12.90%.
FAQ: What Is a Robo Advisor?
Are algorithms the future of trading?
If you were to ask one-hundred people whether they would be willing to trust the investment of their entire savings into the hands of a robot, chances are that the vast majority of people would say, no. If you were to ask the same question, but replaced the word "robot" with "complex algorithms", chances are that the result would be quite different. In much the same way that "the cloud" is not an actual cloud drifting around aimlessly in the sky; Robo Advisors are not a collection of funny looking robots working away in some huge blacked-out factory somewhere. In both cases, what is working away is an incredibly complex technological system that has been optimised to make the world we humans live in a little bit simpler.
What exactly does a Robo Advisor do?
The short answer is that a Robo Advisor is an automated, algorithm-driven financial planning service. Basically, a high-end, technologically-sound system that will manage your investments for you. It does this based on your personal financial situation, your investment goals, and its investing decisions are influenced by your chosen level of risk. All of this information is fed into the robo-advisor's operating system when you first sign-up to a Robo Advisory service. What benefits do I get from using a robo-advisor? One of the principal benefits is that a Robo Advisor is essentially another example of a FinTech driven subversion of the old rules as to how finance works. Traditional financial advisors have been operating, and making huge commissions, for almost as long as there has been money and commodities to advise upon, but the services of such people were usually only affordable to those who had a lot of wealth to begin with. Today's Robo Advisors are yesterday's financial advisors. Traditional financial advisors often only took on high-net-worth clients. A Robo Advisor can offer the same service to almost anybody with the desire to start investing. Another huge benefit is that a Robo Advisor is accessible 24/7. All you need to access your personal Robo Advisor is an internet connection and your log-in details. No need to make an appointment and head into an office in order to have the privilege of finding out how your investments are coming along. No emotion. Perhaps the biggest single benefit is that a robo-advisor is not controlled by any of the emotions that play such a big part in our own daily lives. The Robo Advisor simply executes the trade which the algorithms have deemed the most suitable in that particular moment. No second-guessing, no doubt, no fear.
What kind of people use Robo Advisors?
As mentioned above, robo-advisors are commonly used by those people who previously felt locked-out from the world of high finance. Those without much trading experience or huge amounts of capital to invest are now actively seeking out Robo Advisors as a safe way to start making their money work for them. A younger generation of investors has also been one of the biggest markets for the Robo Advisory movement. Millennials and those people who see technology as key to their daily lives can finally connect with a form of investing that matches up with their social profile. Whilst it's true that a whole new breed of people are taking advantage of the simplicity and accessibility that Robo Advisors offer, this is by no means some kind of niche market. Many of the biggest financial institutions are already heavily invested in the robo-advisory movement. Not surprising when it's predicted that by 2020, Robo Advisors will be managing more than $2 trillion in global assets.
Is a Robo Advisor right for me?
If you are new to trading or investing and would like to learn more but still get started straight away, a Robo Advisor could be the perfect option for you. Not only does a Robo Advisor have all of the knowledge you are lacking, it also has nothing but time to dedicate to making your money work. The beauty of using a Robo Advisor is that there is no obligation for you to place all of your capital into the hands of the robot. More experienced traders could try investing a percentage of their funds with the Robo Advisor and then compare the Robo Advisor's performance against your own over a fixed period of time.